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January 14, 2019
What Would a Martian Think of Our Health Care System

“If a man from Mars showed up, he would probably have some pretty serious questions,” says IHI President Emeritus & Senior Fellow Don Berwick about the US health care system. Berwick’s 2018 National Forum keynote — featuring a surprise visit from an extraterrestrial — describes eight ways health care can start addressing social determinants of health, such as education, income, and equity. Watch the keynote and sign up for the 2019 Forum »

‘She Got Her Fighting Spirit Back’: The Power of Patient Safety Bundles

When Ida Ottosen was sent home from the hospital to die, she was pale, passive, and expected to pass within a matter of days. But she didn’t die as quickly as doctors predicted. At home, she was cared for by a community health care worker who used patient safety bundles to reduce Ottosen’s risk for pressure ulcers and other harm. How safety bundles restored Ottosen’s will to live »

Leveraging the Psychology of Change

Understanding why people resist change — and how to activate people to change — is essential to advance and sustain improved care. A new article in Healthcare Executive presents a concise overview of the IHI Psychology of Change Framework with key takeaways and tools for leaders »

In the Spotlight

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Quality, Cost, and Value: Survey on Transitioning to Value-Based Payment Models

Triple Aim for Populations: National Standards in Addiction Treatment

Look for

Experts review recommendations from the Blueprint for Complex Care in an upcoming webinar, Jan 22, 2 PM ET. A new infographic shows 11 opportunities to strengthen the field.


A recent study suggests EMTs and paramedics may not treat minority patients and white patients the same way when it comes to offering pain medication. Emergency Medical Responders Confront Racial Bias


FierceHealthcare reports from the IHI National Forum: How to demonstrate the ROI on quality improvement projects

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